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Beatrix's basic Helix options are grouped in two lines – Mad Scientist and Field Physician.

Additional Helix options can be unlocked by leveling up Character Rank and show up in-game after they are unlocked.

Lvl Mad Scientist Mutation Field Physician Lvl
1 Vector-Borne Transmission Sedation 1
Allies affected by Patient Zero now spread infection to enemies that attack them. Enemies hit by Fulminate projectiles will now be silenced.
+3 Seconds Silence Duration
2 Leech Therapy Virulent Volatility
Character Rank 7
Host Immunity 2
Allies affected by Patient Zero steal life on any attack.
+30% Life Steal.
Once Patient Zero wears off, it explodes on the target, slowing all enemies in the area for 3 seconds.
+3 seconds slow duration.
Allies affected by Patient Zero take reduced damage.
+30% Damage Reduction.
3 Bloodshot Physician's Eye 3
Beatrix uses her Injector to melee targets, increasing her damage and stealing life from her targets.
+25% Melee Damage, +50% Life Steal
Enhances Beatrix's optical implant with modular magnification, increasing maximum zoom distance.
4 Prescription Affliction Remission Emission
Character Rank 9
Vitality Chirality 4
Activating Fulminate instantly refills Beatrix's Injector. Activating Fulminate sprays out a cloud that removes all debuffs from allies near Beatrix. Activating Fulminate sprays an aerosol solution around Beatrix, slowing nearby enemies and speeding up nearby allies for 3 seconds.
+3 Seconds Slow Duration, +30% Movement Speed
5 Plague Rat Double Dose
Character Rank 5
Immunosuppression 5
Infection Deals Damage to all enemies near the affected target.
+20 Damage per Second.
Hitting a target with Incistyx Injector will cause the bullet to jump to the next nearest enemy, damaging them and applying Infection. Enemies affected by Infection take increased melee damage.
+15% Melee Damage Amplification.
6 Fast-Acting Long-Lasting 6
Reduces Patient Zero's cooldown time, allowing more frequent use.
-25% Cooldown Time
Reduces Fulminate's cooldown time, allowing more frequent use.
-25% Cooldown Time
7 Phial Compression Amplified Ampoules
Character Rank 3
Anticoagulant 7
Increases Beatrix's Incistyx Injector ammo capacity.
+6 Clip Size
The Injector charges up while scoped in, increasing damage and shield penetration at max charge.
+50% Damage, +25% Shield Penetration
The Incistyx Injector siphons a portion of damage dealt, restoring Beatrix's health with each shot.
+10% Life Steal
8 Lingering Side Effects Self-Medicated 8
Increases the duration of Patient Zero.
+3 Seconds Duration
When targeting an ally, Patient Zero also applies to Beatrix.
9 Melancholy Infinite Sadness 9
Killing an enemy with Fulminate lowers the cooldown of Outbreak.
-10% Cooldown Time per Kill
Increases the damage of Fulminate.
+25% Damage
10 Toxic Hypoxia Death Pool
Character Rank 12
Synnecrotic Antibiotics 10
The main target of Outbreak is marked for death. If the target is killed while Outbreak is active then all enemies in the area are stunned.
+3 Seconds Stun Duration
Firing Outbreak at the ground will create a pool which will apply the effects of Outbreak to the first enemy target that touches it. While a target is affected by Outbreak, a portion of damage dealt to the target is dealt to nearby enemies. Outbreak no longer deals damage over time.
25% Damage Shared to Nearby Targets.
Lvl Mad Scientist Mutation Field Physician Lvl