Five factions remain in the universe and only a handful of members in each one (six total in-game). Stars and worlds have been annihilated by a common foe, the star-sucking void known as the Varelsi , led by Lother Rendain , the previous leader of the Jennerit military, who once fought diligently against the evil he now commands. The only real hope of survival these factions have, is to put aside their differences, unite their forces and fight to preserve the last star in the only remaining known galaxy, Solus . A lot easier said, than done.

The developers at Gearbox have created a series of three motion comics for players to enjoy. They tell a tale of how it all started.   

A few years and several hundred star veilings are enough to drive even the most loyal officers to betrayal.

The Varelsi invasion is becoming overwhelming but the United Peacekeeping Republics (UPR) will not leave their own man, clone, or avian behind.

When the end of the star system is immanent, a UPR commander must choose between obeying orders, or saving untrustworthy potential allies.