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"It's the kinda night the whole planet's looking to chew you up and use your femur as a toothpick.
Tempest... a giant fist hanging in space, in search of a face to punch. Maybe mine.
But somewhere deep in this city, there's another fight brewing."
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Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion is a story operation that explores Attikus' account of the Third Thrall Rebellion. The ultimate goal of each story is to defeat the Silent Sister Aria, demonstrating Attikus' strength and allowing a portion of the thralls to break away from their control and join the rebellion.

Mission Outline Edit

In this operation, there are a total of 24 side objectives. However, the player will only have to complete four randomly selected objectives within a single run-through. Currently, a couple of the potential objectives are missing, so they are not listed below.

  • Defeat Sister Aria
    • Destroy jamming towers X/2
      • Investigate anomaly
      • Locate and destroy nearby shards X/3
      • Defeat all MX.Deadeyes X/5
      • Defeat all MX.Ronins X/5
      • Defeat Beastmaster Shaman
    • Rendezvous at beacon
    • Secure beacon
      • Build some turrets X/2
      • Secure data beacons X/2
      • Secure loot cache
      • Defeat all MX.Deadeyes X/4
      • Destroy MX.Bulwark with a skill
      • Stop M1. Boom Bots from damaging beacon
    • Follow Attikus
    • Defeat Aria's forces
      • Enable all beacons X/3
      • Avoid Jennerit ship attacks
      • Destroy pylons with melee X/3
    • Follow Attikus
    • Breach tower
      • Deface statues of Rendain X/2
      • Secure nearby loot cache
      • Build some turrets X/2
      • Avoid Jennerit ship attacks
      • Destroy MX.Deadeyes with melee attacks X/3
    • Locate Aria
    • Kill the Silent Sister
  • Rendezvous with Attikus

Trivia Edit

  • Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion was released on October 13th, 2016 and is the first of the story operations to be released.
  • The operation is done with a film noir-esque, as demonstrated by Detective Attikus, the femme fatales, and a filter that grays out all of the colors (except for red, which is highlighted).
  • If the rally beacon is destroyed, it does not result in a mission failure. Instead, the player's current amount of ops points will be reset to 0.
    • The reset isn't permanent, however; it's reset only for the current run.
  • There are two Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs that can be found within the operation, revealing that the third installment of the series will be taking place on the planet Promethea.