Lore ChallengesEdit

Defender, You Have Become Defenseless Deal 30,000 bonus damage to shields.
Ascent From The Pits Win a match on 3 unique Tempest maps.
Leading The Charge Activate skill with a fully-charged Hedronic Collector, 200 times.
In His Face Land a critical hit on Lothar Rendain with Charged Hook.
Rise Of The Thrall Slow three enemies simultaneously, 25 times.


Hedronic amplifier

Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Attikus" challenge which rewards player with "Dark Side" skin and "Master of Attikus" title.


Defender, You Have Become Defenseless
Ascent From The Pits
Leading The Charge
In His Face
Rise Of The Thrall


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