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Lore ChallengesEdit

Defender, You Have Become Defenseless Deal 30,000 bonus damage to shields.
Ascent From The Pits Win a match on 3 unique Tempest maps.
Leading The Charge Activate skill with a fully-charged Hedronic Collector, 200 times.
In His Face Land a critical hit on Lothar Rendain with Charged Hook.
Rise Of The Thrall Slow three enemies simultaneously, 25 times.


Hedronic amplifier

Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Attikus" challenge which rewards player with "Dark Side" skin and "Master of Attikus" title.


Defender, You Have Become Defenseless

JENNERIT ARCH-SCIENCES, LAB 32 19948.364,t.3h33m
SUBJECT: 32-A.c6

Note 1: Do not attempt to feed Thrall 32-A.c6 in person. Four days of subsequent attempts have resulted in four substantially flattened lab assistants. Recommend feeding by use of expendable M1.Minion.

Note 2: It is important to collect the contaminated fingers of the beast to fully understand the nature of their alteration. Also, they will make excellent decorations for my office.

Note 3: Hedronic Collector cyber-augmentation – now adapted to use readily available plasmite shards for power – has yielded better-than-expected results. Thrall 32-A.c6 shows increased musculature (c.f. Note 1), but more surprisingly, appears to be exhibiting extended neural capacity, and now insists that it has a name: “Attikus”.

Note 4: “Attikus” is ill-tempered.

Note 5: “Attikus” shows heightened social awareness, asking about the current physical state of his brood-mates. Also, Tynicas believes Thrall 32-A.c6 was looking fondly at a female Jennerit researcher. Disgusting.

Note 6: Tomorrow, we will try personal contact via Assistant Cucurbita equipped with a standard-issue battle shield. I suspect the shield to be more-than-adequate protection from the Thrall’s wild mood swings.

Ascent From The Pits

|| UPR LOGBOOK / REPORT, ENTRY #223590725902
|| USER: Captain Trevor Ghalt
|| SUBJECT: New Jennerit Recruit: the Thrall
|| DATE: 19958, d.201

I have fought the Thralls many times during these years of war, many of them as a Captain of a UPR Engineering and Support Division. The Thralls are brutal, bestial, vicious. Uncreative and driven enough to serve as single-minded warriors for Rendain’s Imperium, I believed them to be mindless thugs; tools of war in the puppeteer’s hand. Beasts of war.

Man, was I wrong.

I have a new recruit. His name: Attikus. His goal: to bring down Rendain, no matter the cost. He is unique among the Thralls – brutal and powerful, sure... probably the strongest I’ve ever seen. But Attikus... he’s smart. Resourceful. Kleese says it has something to do with the side effects of that big Jennerit glove they’ve granted to his right arm. Maybe so. Whatever the reason, this Thrall... this Attikus is an intelligent and driven being, with more than enough reason to be trusted as an ally for this campaign.

I’m proud to have Attikus on my team. I’m proud he is a Battleborn.


Leading The Charge

Broadcast on Tempest Public Network, hacked feed

Brothers... We have served these masters. Now, we will serve NO MORE!

We have labored in their mines, labored in their wars, and labored for their pleasures! Today, we will fight for OUR pleasures! We will fight OUR war! And we will win OUR lives from this tyrant, Rendain!

Today, our people have NOTHING! Tomorrow, we will be the scorching winds of this tempest!


In His Face
(Overheard conversation between the Thrall Attikus and the Eldrid Mellka, after a joint assault on Rendain resulting in the Tyrant’s defeat.)

Attikus: I find it sufficiently pleasing that I was the one to deliver this irony directly to the Tyrant. Through his malfeasance, he sought only my humiliation and subservience His sycophants believed they had wrought for me a manacle of shame and toil. Yet, in the truest sense, they forged their own undoing in the pyre of my ascendance. To this end, I have thusly stricken the serpent upon its tooth, that it should bite at us no longer.

Mellka: punched Rendain in the face with your big glove-thing?

Attikus: Yes. Yes, I did.

Rise Of The Thrall
(A brief recounting of key events in the history of the Jennerit Empire/Imperium, resulting in the Thrall Rebellions, and ultimately the Imperium’s undoing. All dates are rendered according to the Standard Codex Reckoning (C.R.) calendar.)

Circa -10,000 C.R.: End of civil war within the Tempestian Republic. The faction from the planet Jennar triumphs, marking the foundation of the Jennerit Empire.

1 C.R.: Lenore becomes the first sustained.

1 C.R.: Rendain born on Tempest.

5 C.R.: Lenore consolidates power and names herself Empress of the Jennerit.

50 C.R.: Rendain, Chief Military Advisor to the Empress, is Sustained to facilitate war against the early Varelsi encroachment of uninhabited systems.

325 C.R.: Order of the Sustaining Mother founded on Jennar.

18,500 C.R.: Voxis, a Jennerit colony world, is Darkened. This is the first inhabited world Darkened by the Varelsi.

18,505 C.R.: Keepers of the Blade founded to protect the Empress from rising Varelsi and factional threats.

19,953 C.R.: BATTLE OF JENNAR. The planet of Jennar attacked by the Varelsi. Rendain (now titled “Lord Commander”), with the assistance of the Eldrid and UPR, prevents the Darkening of the planet. This is the first major victory achieved against a Varelsi attack on an inhabited system.

19,954, d.1 C.R.: SECOND BATTLE OF JENNAR. Rendain turns on his allies, siding with the Varelsi. The planet Jennar falls quickly and is Darkened (y.19954, d.100).

19,954, d.110 C.R.: Rendain declares the beginning of the Jennerit Imperium, and moves the throneworld to the planet Tempest in the Solus system.

19,954 C.R.: FIRST THRALL REBELLION. Incited by unknown events, the Thralls attempt to overthrow their Jennerit masters, but are quickly overcome.

19,955 C.R.: JENNERIT CIVIL WAR. War breaks out between those loyal to the Empress Lenore and those loyal to Lord Commander Rendain who controls the majority of the Jennerit military.

19,957, d.217 C.R.: SECOND THRALL REBELLION. Thrall underlings on Tempest try once more to overthrow the Jennerit Imperium Sustained on Tempest. The rebellion is quelled, but not before hundreds of Thrall escape in ships, dispersing throughout the Solus system with the aid of Jennerit Sustained still loyal to the Empress.

19,957, d.250 C.R.: WAR AND DARKENING OF PENARCH. Penarch, the next-to-last star, is attacked and conquered by Rendain and the Varelsi, despite a disjoined multi-factional attempt to fight back.

19,958, d.200 C.R.: THIRD THRALL REBELLION. The Thralls on Tempest rise a third time, this time under the command of the ascended Thrall Attikus and aided by the Battleborn. They succeed in disrupting the power structure of the Imperium, giving the Battleborn a chance to assault Rendain directly on the orbital megaship, Exodus.

19,958 C.R.: Rendain is defeated, and his Heliophage destroyed. Solus temporarily Darkened, but then recovered from the Void through the destruction of the Heliophage.