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October 18, 2017 Patch
  • New content:
    • Taunts:
      • Ambra - Eccentric Orbits
    • Skins:
      • Ambra - Oblation, Covenant

June 6, 2017 Patch

  • New content - Skins:
    • Ambra - Sacrilege

January 17, 2017 Patch

  • New content - Skins:
    • Ambra - Via Negativa
  • Character Balance - AMBRA
    • Added a team color outline to Sunspots
    • Added team color FX to the Extinction Event diamond

October 13, 2016 Patch

  • Bug Fixes - Characters:
    • Ambra: Fixed an issue that caused enemies to be highlighted indefinitely when damaged by a Sunspot while Level 6 Left Helix Augment Agile Anomaly is active
    • Ambra: The description of Extinction Event now correctly reflects the damage it deals
  • Text Adjustments:
    • Ambra: Extinction Event, Level 1 Left Helix Augment Sunspotter, Level 1 Right Helix Augment Illumination, Level 4 Right Helix Augment Searing Wind, Level 6 Mutation Solar Anomaly, and Level 8 Left Helix Augment Bask in the Light

July 28, 2016 Hot fix

  • Characters - AMBRA
    • Increased the base damage of Ambra's Solar Wind by 43%

July 21, 2016 Patch

  • Characters - AMBRA
    • Skills, Augments, and Balance changes:
      • Melee strikes that consume Heat reduce the cooldown of Sunspot by 1 second
        • Melee strikes that instantly deplete all Heat due to Ambra's level 7 Right Helix Augment, Radiant Spear reduce the cooldown of Sunspots by an increased amount
        • Attacks that deplete Heat do not reduce the cooldown of Sunspots after selecting Ambra's level 7 Mutation, Radiant Halberd
      • Reduced cooldown of Sunspot from 12 seconds to 8 seconds
      • Increased Heat generation of the Staff of Radiance life drain attack by 100%
      • Increased the amount healed by Sunspots by 80% (18 to 32 at Level 1)
      • Reduced the maximum healing of Ambra's level 2 Right Helix Augment, Solar Burst from 280 to 133
      • Reduced the maximum damage of Ambra's level 2 Mutation, Soothing Sunlight augment from 280 to 133
    • Challenges and Statistics:
      • Reduced the number of enemy kills required by Ambra's “The Winds of Change” challenge from 500 to 100
      • Fixed a minor text issue with Ambra's “Staff of the Silent Sisters” Lore challenge

May 23, 2016 Patch

  • Characters - AMBRA
  • Ambra’s Extinction Event provided unnecessary crowd control due to the large area of effect. We removed the slowing effect to allow for better counter-play options around her ultimate.
    • Ambra’s Extinction Event skill no longer slows enemies.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Ambra’s Scorching Strikes to deal extra damage.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented stealthed targets from being revealed when Ambra’s level 6 Left Helix Augment, Agile Anomaly and level 2 Right Helix Augment, Solar Burst were active.

May 3, 2016 Hot fix

  • Character Balance - AMBRA
  • Ambra’s damage output combined with her lifesteal and escape abilities resulted in very high survivability in fights. We wanted to bring this in line with our expectation and reinforce her melee loop as part of her damage output.
    • Reduced Staff of Radiance beam damage by 34%
    • Reduced damage of Radiant Wind by 33%
    • Reduced Left Helix Augmentation Cauterization movement speed gain to 30%

Open Beta changesEdit

April 14, 2016 Open Beta 1.0 Patch
  • Character Balance - AMBRA
  • Ambra's ability to sustain damage and keep herself alive kept her as one of the top offensive picks. By reducing the damage and survivability, we see Ambra going back into more zone control roles where she has to proactively manage her sun spots. In addition, we found the beam range to put her at a medium to long range allowing her to kite melee enemies so we reduced the range to keep her more in short range category.
    • Reduced melee damage by 15%
    • Reduced Staff of Radiance damage by 4%
    • Reduced passive overshield by 33%
    • Reduced initial range of Staff of Radiance beam by 20%
    • Reduced sustain range of Staff of Radiance beam by 30%