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Ambra is a Battleborn of the Jennerit faction.


It is said that Ambra was one of the first few Jennerit to be sustained after Empress Lenore and Lothar Rendain in the year 8,225 (C.R.) at the age of 20. In doing so, began her transition into the Order of the Sustaining Mother. Ambra's naturally sharp manner and interest in galactic politics would serve to benefit the order, it was successful. Performing her duties and supporting the Empress's objective even after her death, Ambra worked tirelessly to secure the safety of their empire for centuries to come.

Leading to her rise in the Order as the Head Priestess to the Silent Sisters. Ambra is the "chief scientist" (aka "priestess") of the Sustainment Engine. She could kill with it as easily as sustain with it, a perfect example of this power is of Galilea's current condition where she is neither living or dying. Also known as "Corruption".


Ambra is an impulsive but matronly woman. After her falling out with Galilea, it effected her mentally. Changed her. Made her more self-righteous and distant. Empire first. [1] In doing so, she became more strict and embedded into her work. To the point of exaggerated proportions of etiquette.

The Jennerit aren’t exactly known for being nice. In fact, because of their..."flexible" ethics… Ambra can come off as some magical evil mastermind at times. Her fits of malevolent laughter probably don’t help, either. That said, she is actually one of the good guys. She’s idealistic, optimistic and believes wholeheartedly in the beings she’s fighting alongside to save the last star. Ambra was betrayed by Rendain and his coup within the Jennerit Imperium. Now, she fights with the Battleborn to heal her people and restore order through localized solar anomalies – preferably launched at Rendain’s face.


  • Ambra is 11,759 years old during the events of Battleborn (as calculated from years given in lore).
  • Ambra's voice actor, Lydia Mackay, previously voiced Athena and Maliwan advertisements from Borderlands game series.
  • Ambra has several brief cameo appearances in the film Ready Player One. She is seen in the Oasis as a fan of Parzival, in the Distracted Globe, and is finally seen in the crowd of Oasis civillians charging into battle on Planet Doom.
  • Ambra appears as non-playable character (i.e. can be heard in characters' dialogs) in the first Story OperationAttikus and the Thrall Rebellion.
  • Developer's note:
“Ambra is awesome support. During a match we were squaring off against Montana. He was soaking up everything we threw at him and the only thing that kept us going was Ambra dropping sunspots behind cover. We’d go in, chip away at Montana then duck back to get healed up. If our position was pressed, we could fall back and the sunspots work as mines to hold off the enemy.”
– Steve Gibson, VP of marketing at Gearbox


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