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Ambra's basic Helix options are grouped in two lines – Blessings of the Empress and Fire and Brimstone.

Additional Helix options can be unlocked by leveling up Character Rank and show up in-game after they are unlocked.

Lvl Blessings of the Empress Mutation Fire and Brimstone Lvl
1 Sunspotter Illumination 1
Enemies damaged by a Sunspot take increased damage for a short time.
+8% Damage Amplification over 4 Seconds
Solar Wind catches enemies on fire, revealing enemies and dealing damage over time.
+121 Damage over 3 Seconds
2 Blessing of the Sun Soothing Sunlight
Character Rank 3
Solar Burst 2
Increases Sunspot's healing over time.
+30% Health Regeneration per Second
Sunspot provide a burst of healing when picked up by allies based upon the health remaining to the Sunspot.
Up to +133 Healing
Sunspot explodes when triggered by nearby enemies, dealing damage based upon the health remaining to the Sunspot.
Up to +133 Damage
3 Ceremonial Sacrifice Stellar Ritual
Character Rank 12
Blood Drive 3
Ambra's Staff of Radiance can be used to transfer health to a targeted ally at the cost of her own life force.
Health cost is -30% of healing done
Ambra's Staff of Radiance can be used to fuel a Sunsport, strengthening and replenishing its health. Increases the amount of life stolen from enemies through Ambra's Staff of Radiance.
+15% Life Steal
4 Radiant Gale Ritual of Repulsion
Character Rank 9
Spearing Wind 4
Enemies hit by Solar Wind are blown away, being repeatedly puched back. Replaces Solar Wind's directed channel with two slams to the ground of Ambra's staff. Enemies all around Ambra are puched back with each slam. Solar Wind deals more damage, the closer Ambra is to her target.
Up to +100% Damage
5 Cauterization Flame Burst 5
Ambra gains increased speed when her Flame Shield is active.
+30% Movement Speed
Ambra’s Flame Shield explodes on expiry, damaging nearby enemies.
+134 Damage
6 Agile Anomaly Solar Anomaly
Character Rank 7
Solar Storm 6
Sunspots can reveal enemies and have increased range.
+50% Area of Effect Radius
Increases the maximum number of simultaneous active Sunspots.
+1 Sunspot
Decreases Solar Wind’s cooldown time.
-20% Cooldown Time
7 Flame Staff Radiant Halberd
Character Rank 5
Radiant Spear 7
The extra damage that Ambra's Scorching Strikes does through the expenditure of Heat is gained as Health.
+100% Life Steal
When Heated, Ambra's Staff of Radiance fires condensed Heat in the form of explosive minor-novas. No longer reduces Sunspot cooldown. Transforms Ambra's Staff of Radiance into a spear, capable of releasing all of its built up Heat in a singular, devastating impact.
8 Bask In The Light Fan The Flames 8
Lowers Sunspot's cooldown.
-20% Cooldown Time
Increases the health of Ambra's Sunspots.
+50% Sunspot Health
9 Howling Wind Sweltering Wind 9
Increases Solar Wind’s area of effect.
+40% Area of Effect Radius
Increases Solar Wind’s damage.
+15% Damage
10 Impact Crater Worlds End 10
On impact, Extinction Event stuns nearby enemies.
+2 Seconds Stun Duration
Extinction Event’s smoldering remains last longer.
+3 Seconds Duration
Lvl Blessings of the Empress Mutation Fire and Brimstone Lvl