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Ambra is a Battleborn of the Jennerit faction.

She is a Base Game Battleborn, which available:

  • after completing "The Prologue" in Full Game version
  • for Credits 35,000 in Marketplace in Free Trial version
  • during free character rotation in Free Trial version


Ambra long served within the Jennerit Silent Sisters - priestesses who weaved secrets of the stars into prolonged life called "Sustainment". Betrayed by Rendain, Ambra now fights with the Battleborn, healing her allies and devastating foes with localized solar anomalies.[1]




  • Ambra is 11,759 years old during the events of Battleborn (as calculated from years given in lore).
  • Ambra's voice actor, Lydia Mackay, previously voiced Athena and Maliwan advertisements from Borderlands game series.
  • Developer's note:
“Ambra is awesome support. During a match we were squaring off against Montana. He was soaking up everything we threw at him and the only thing that kept us going was Ambra dropping sunspots behind cover. We’d go in, chip away at Montana then duck back to get healed up. If our position was pressed, we could fall back and the sunspots work as mines to hold off the enemy.”
– Steve Gibson, VP of marketing at Gearbox



  1. Ambra - Battleborn

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  • Role: Supporter
  • Characteristics:
  • Base stats (Level 1):
Max Health: 920 Health Regeneration: 0
Max Shield: 300 Shield Recharge Delay: 5 s Shield Recharge Rate: 60
Primary Attack: 48 Secondary Attack: 139



Flame Shield

Flame Shield

When Ambra's health falls below 20%, she is protected by a Flame Shield for 4 seconds that provides 300 Overshield.
Default Cooldown: 30s

Skill 1



Summon a Sunspot that does 40 damage a second to nearby enemies and 60 healing to allies at the cost of its own health. Up to 2 Sunspots can be active at once.
Default Cooldown: 8s


Staff of Radiance

Staff of Radiance

Ambra's Staff of Radiance drains health from a targeted enemy, returning 30% of the damage dealt to herself and generating Heat.

Skill 2

Solar Wind

Solar Wind

Channels a fiery wind that quickly builds Heat as it damages enemies in front of Ambra. Solar Wind does 80 damage per second for 3 seconds.
Default Cooldown: 18s


Scorching Strikes

Scorching Strikes

Ambra unleashes a series of melee strikes, spending Heat generated by her staff to do up to 100% extra damage per hit. Heat strikes lower the cooldown of Sunspot by 1 second.


Extinction Event

Extinction Event

Calls down a meteor at a targeted location, dealing 334 damage and leaving a scorching area of effect, dealing 20 damage over 5 seconds.
Default Cooldown: 60s

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Ambra's basic Helix options are grouped in two lines – Blessings of the Empress and Fire and Brimstone.

Additional Helix options can be unlocked by leveling up Character Rank and show up in-game after they are unlocked.

Lvl Blessings of the Empress Mutation Fire and Brimstone Lvl
1 Sunspotter Illumination 1
Enemies damaged by a Sunspot take increased damage for a short time.
+8% Damage Amplification over 4 Seconds
Solar Wind catches enemies on fire, revealing enemies and dealing damage over time.
+121 Damage over 3 Seconds
2 Blessing of the Sun Soothing Sunlight
Character Rank 3
Solar Burst 2
Increases Sunspot's healing over time.
+30% Health Regeneration per Second
Sunspot provide a burst of healing when picked up by allies based upon the health remaining to the Sunspot.
Up to +133 Healing
Sunspot explodes when triggered by nearby enemies, dealing damage based upon the health remaining to the Sunspot.
Up to +133 Damage
3 Ceremonial Sacrifice Stellar Ritual
Character Rank 12
Blood Drive 3
Ambra's Staff of Radiance can be used to transfer health to a targeted ally at the cost of her own life force.
Health cost is -30% of healing done
Ambra's Staff of Radiance can be used to fuel a Sunsport, strengthening and replenishing its health. Increases the amount of life stolen from enemies through Ambra's Staff of Radiance.
+15% Life Steal
4 Radiant Gale Ritual of Repulsion
Character Rank 9
Spearing Wind 4
Enemies hit by Solar Wind are blown away, being repeatedly puched back. Replaces Solar Wind's directed channel with two slams to the ground of Ambra's staff. Enemies all around Ambra are puched back with each slam. Solar Wind deals more damage, the closer Ambra is to her target.
Up to +100% Damage
5 Cauterization Flame Burst 5
Ambra gains increased speed when her Flame Shield is active.
+30% Movement Speed
Ambra’s Flame Shield explodes on expiry, damaging nearby enemies.
+134 Damage
6 Agile Anomaly Solar Anomaly
Character Rank 7
Solar Storm 6
Sunspots can reveal enemies and have increased range.
+50% Area of Effect Radius
Increases the maximum number of simultaneous active Sunspots.
+1 Sunspot
Decreases Solar Wind’s cooldown time.
-20% Cooldown Time
7 Flame Staff Radiant Halberd
Character Rank 5
Radiant Spear 7
The extra damage that Ambra's Scorching Strikes does through the expenditure of Heat is gained as Health.
+100% Life Steal
When Heated, Ambra's Staff of Radiance fires condensed Heat in the form of explosive minor-novas. No longer reduces Sunspot cooldown. Transforms Ambra's Staff of Radiance into a spear, capable of releasing all of its built up Heat in a singular, devastating impact.
8 Bask In The Light Fan The Flames 8
Lowers Sunspot's cooldown.
-20% Cooldown Time
Increases the health of Ambra's Sunspots.
+50% Sunspot Health
9 Howling Wind Sweltering Wind 9
Increases Solar Wind’s area of effect.
+40% Area of Effect Radius
Increases Solar Wind’s damage.
+15% Damage
10 Impact Crater Worlds End 10
On impact, Extinction Event stuns nearby enemies.
+2 Seconds Stun Duration
Extinction Event’s smoldering remains last longer.
+3 Seconds Duration
Lvl Blessings of the Empress Mutation Fire and Brimstone Lvl

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Lore ChallengesEdit

Staff of the Silent Sisters Deal 28,000 extra damage with Scorching Strikes.
Order of the Sustaining Mother Heal yourself for 24,000 health using the Staff of Randiance’s health drain ability.
The Winds of Change Kill 100 enemies with Solar Wind.
Cleansing Fire Heal teammates for 50,000 damage.
I Command The Very Stars Deal 60,000 damage with Extinction Event.



Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Ambra" challenge which rewards player with "Eulogy" skin and "Master of Ambra" title.


Staff of the Silent Sisters

from The Red Observer on 19655 C.R. the 121st day
to The Distinguished Elder Mossire
Concerning "The Solarius Staff of the Jennerit Silent Sisters"

...and as is suspected, the Solarius Staff is not simply a ceremonial instrument, but a highly advanced it of technology that acts, if I may be so crude in my comparison, as an entry key to the Jennerit Sustainment chamber.

The Solarius Staff, among other uses, allows its wielder to call forth small gravity wells with pinpoint precision. These wells are capable of of short bursts of immense gravitational pull, and at times can be positioned to pull small satellites from orbit.

Uneducated species refer to the Salarius Staff as the "Battle Staff" of the Silent Sisters, and it can indeed be used for offensive tactical advantage. However, it is more correct to see that this is a multi-functional tool of advanced science, not merely a "beat-down stick". Also, please assure Boldur the Woodsman that this is not an axe - however...

Order of the Sustaining Mother

the 8,225th year and 101st day of her Immortal Reign
Novitiate Sister Claudia Ambralia Divia

Sister Benniteg,

We wish to congratulate you on the induction of your newest novitiate, Claudia Ambralia Divia, today on the twentieth year of her Birth, and also now her Sustainment.

We continue in our pleasure of your oversight of the Order of the Sustaining Mother, and your hand in taking young well-born females of the Empire and grooming them for a long lifetime of service to our people. We believe Ambralia to be an exemplary candidate. Her matronly, abrupt nature will serve as a benefit to your order.

We do not expect to hear any more concerns regarding Ambralia's sharp manner and her interest in galactic politics. Rather, we expect to hear of the successful integration into your order.

To this end, we have crafted a new Vow for your Sisterhood, a creed to help your order maintain focus as we seek to defray the death of our stars.

Any Deed. Any Price.
Her Imperial Majesty Empress Lenore


We are the Daughters of the Empress, our Sustaining Mother.

Sustainment is her gift to us.

To the Empress and to her Gift we now willfully bind our lives.

We pledge Silence:

Our Actions shall become our voice;

Our Science shall become our light;

Our Service shall become our victory.

Any Deed, Any Price.

This Precept will we Uphold.

This Precept will we Sustain.

The Winds of Change


DATE: 19953.355

Rulers of our Noble Accord: I, Claudia Ambralia Divia, hereby wish to address a most disturbing division within our Empire. Empress Lenore and Warmaster Rendain have, in their directives to our people, crafted a crisis which threatens our future survival.

I am, of course, speaking of the Passage: the rather dark arrangement in which Rendain aligned the Imperium's destiny with that of the Varelsi. Citizens of the Imperium know, and have seen, the work of the Empress and her Warmaster in pursuit of this goal.

For my part, I have diligently performed the duties of my office in support of the Empress' objective, working tirelessly to secure our safety after the universe's end.

However – it is simply unthinkable that our Sustaining Mother, our Empress, would allow the wanton degradation of our proud and storied Imperium, such as we've witnessed since Rendain's rise to power. The discarding of our most treasured rituals and traditions, the outright dismissal of the ceremony of Sustainment... these crimes are grave enough on their own!

But then the Lord Commander brought a beast to state functions – the lapdog he keeps at the ready to calm his terror-stricken subjects. “Constable Cuddles”, I believe it's called.

And while I can not deny the utility of such a companion, I must nonetheless object to its inclusion in matters of state. The wretched thing SHEDS EVERYWHERE, and the yapping is a CONSTANT INTERRUPTION!

And, what if... oh, heavens... what if it were to... PIDDLE upon the floor of the Great Hall? No! I can tolerate this no longer! Regrettably, I've chosen to resign my position!

In addition to the reasons listed above, I've also prepared a brief, citing the numerous Articles of Order and Propriety, adopted by the Silent Sisters in oversight of these matters, violated in due course of the Lord Commander's reign.

Article 6A, subsection F...

(Transcription continues for over a hundred pages, listing 17 declarative articles of intent as well as Ambralia's interpretations of them.)

Cleansing Fire

// Recorded legal log, y.19957, d,355
// Subject "Ambra"
// Post-op visit by single individual, given identity "The Kemessian"

[Ambra] Any dead, any price.

(Ambra coughs. Her voice is raspy.)

[Ambra] It is... It is good to be alive. Thank you, Cal.

[Visitor] Kemessian. Just call me Kemessian.

[Ambra] Yes, there is definitely a mess on that armor of yours.

[Visitor] How are you feel... wait, what?

[Ambra] A mess. I know you Shock Troops are fond of, what do you call it, "Splatter Shine"? As proof of dramatic landings? Well, It's simply muck, and there's mud all over your legs. How is it you were even ALLOWED to enter the med facility? I MUST be out of my more-than-sufficient MIND to have come here for recovery, and now I am greeted by... this?!

[Visitor] I have come to...

[Ambra] You have come to have a good washing is what you have come to. Shoo! Out of here! Get that mud off of your armor and fight with pride, you primordial beast! Oh! How GARISH. If I see one more spot of...


I Command the Very Stars

To the Esteemed Captain Trevor Ghalt,

I offer you my skills and knowledge for your campaign now referred to as the "War of the Last Star". As I have commanded stars, I believe your endeavor will only succeed with my presence in a leadership role.



I'm glad to hear that you're with us. I have you assigned as support for a team investigating power fluctuations on Bliss. Galilea personally requested you for this assignment, and says you two have a strong working relationship.


Captain Ghalt,

I believe you have incorrectly assessed my skills. As a capable Silent Sister and as a Jennerit Sustained, I command the VERY STARS themselves. I demand reassignment as leader of an assault team on Tempest, where I am both familiar with and motivated for battle.

Also, Galilea is a liar.


Support Specialist Ambra,

I have, as part of your personnel profile, footage of you repeadatedly bombarding scalewolves on Ekkunar by hurling... "meteors" at them from low orbit. While giggling. I do appreciate your talents, and feel they will be best served on a planet that can contain your "fire" for battle. Galilea will be leading the expedition.

If you wish to fight as part of the Battleborn, I expect to see you on the moon in three days.


Mister Ghalt,

I will adhere to your command, but I wish to formally register two reflections for your records:

First, the scalewolves in the aforementioned video were threatening local indigenous species, and required extermination. Let you record also indicate that the scalewolves were far tastier than their prey, the adorable harosburras

Second, Galilea is an uncouth and uncivil purple-skinned Helician devil and tell her that I will NOT be speaking to her during the mission. Any command she wishes to give me can be trasmitted through an agreed-upon third party.


Sister Ambra,

Your fondness for the furry woodland creatures is duly noted. Galilea would like to convey that she is also not speaking to you, and that you can "Sustain this".

Look, I better not have trouble from you two on the mission.


Ghalt –

Fine, whatever.

I'm still keeping my haresburra.


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Render Ambra

This strategy guide was created to help players determine the best Gear and Helix choices for this Hero based on Game Mode type and Role. Contributors are encouraged to share their knowledge so that others may benefit from it.





PVP BuildsEdit

PVE BuildsEdit

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Story OperationsEdit




  • Soak Up The Entire Sun skin might be a reference to Pele, Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands.

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Hot fixesEdit

  • Increased the base damage of Solar Wind by 43%.[1]


Ambra's Extinction Event provided unnecessary crowd control due to the large area of effect. We removed the slowing effect to allow for better counter-play options around her ultimate.[2]

  • Ambra's Extinction Event skill no longer slows enemies.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Ambra's Scorching Strikes to deal extra damage.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented stealthed targets from being revealed when Ambra's level 6 Left Helix Augment, Agile Anomaly and level 2 Right Helix Augment, Solar Burst were active.

Ambra’s damage output combined with her lifesteal and escape abilities resulted in very high survivability in fights. We wanted to bring this in line with our expectation and reinforce her melee loop as part of her damage output.[3]
  • Reduced Staff of Radiance beam damage by 34%.
  • Reduced damage of Radiant Wind by 33%.
  • Reduced Left Helix Augmentation Cauterization movement speed gain to 30%.



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