Lore ChallengesEdit

Helician Hellraisers Complete 3 matches while on the same team as Galilea.
Another Million and We're Even Participate in killing Ambra 5 times.
Time Blurs in the Depths Heal 800 health with a single Wellspring, 50 times.
Song of the Emula Deal 3,000 damage with a single Emergence, 10 times.
The Lifeguards Have Given Up Affect 5 players with a single Riptide, 25 times.


Gear - Alani - Emulan Tincture

Note: completing all Lore Challenges is a part of "Master of Alani" challenge which rewards player with "Abyssal" skin and "Master of Alani" title.


Helican Hellraisers
(Excerpted recordings, captured from the intranet VOIP comms terminal installed in Alan's quarters aboard the Nova. Audio attached, transcript with timestamps below.)

[19958.105 // 17:04:54]

(Alani clears her throat.)

Begin recording, voicemail attempt #26.

Hey Galilea, it's Alani, just leaving this message in the hope that you have some time to... no, that's not right.

[19958.105 // 17:09:32]

Hey Galilea, it's Alani! Let's get together soon. I'm free all... the... time... ugh.

[19958.105 // 17:12:16]

Hey, Galilea! I THINK I've got SOME free time in my schedule for you... I could TRY to fit you in.

[19958.105 // 17:15:21]

Hey, Gal!

[19958.105 // 17:16:03]

Hey-a, 'Le-a!

[19958.105 // 17:16:49]


[19958.105 // 17:17:27]

Wassup, giiiirl?! — Nope, nope.

[19958.105 // 17:25:01]

Dearest Galilea — I hope this missive finds you in good health and kind spirit. Henceforth... ugghgh...

[19958.105 // 17:39:59]

Galilea, HELP! There's a monster in my tank! Come save me, and bring some snacks, so maybe we can watch a holodrama together afterwards?

[19958.105 // 17:54:11]

(Alani, speaking in an unconvincing deeper voice.)

This is Ghalt. I'm assigning you to guard Alani's quarters. I know you're super best friends and all, so I think it's best that you two hang out as much as possible.

Bring snacks.

[19958.105 // 18:06:02]

Hey, Galilea. It's Alani. I missing hanging out with you. Let's get together soon. Bye.

Save to drafts.

Another Million and We're Even

|| USER: Captain Trevor Ghalt
|| SUBJECT: Claudia Ambralia Divia
|| DATE: y.19958, d.14

GHALT: This session will cover—

AMBRA: Stated for record, both I and Verod Rath have been promised full amnesty and total non-liability for any actions taken while under the orders of the criminal usurper Lothar Rendain.

GHALT: You don't have to open every interview with that.

AMBRA: Just good housekeeping.

GHALT: Last time, you mentioned an incident that earned you some flak from Rendain.

AMBRA: Ah. Yes. I was the ranking priestess aboard the ship Meistar, returning from the oversight of a shard harvest in the Kalokk system. We received orders directly from Rendain to reroute and assist a reservoir fleet orbiting a world we knew then only as 627.88.

GHALT: It got a new name since?

AMBRA: It already had one — Akopos. It was a freshwater ocean world, an astounding rarity even when the universe was larger. It was an ideal source for the fleet, a "no brainer" as you lowborn seem to luxuriate in saying. Unfortunately, the fleet commander made a jarring discovery as he began the siphon — 627.88 was less uninhabited than previously thought.

GHALT: Why did they need your help?

AMBRA: Some of the planet's native population took issue with the confiscation of their oceans and attacked the gravity siphons. They showed unusual control over the water — summoned rogue waves and whirlpools up from calm seas. The fleet wasn't equipped to pacify a non-compliant world. So my Sisters and I were instructed to neutralize any resistance, without dragging us into a long invasion campaign.

GHALT: You found a diplomatic solution.

AMBRA: We boiled them. And sterilized our drinking water in one motion.


|| USER: Captain Trevor Ghalt
|| SUBJECT: Claudia Ambralia Divia
|| DATE: y.19958, d.15

AMBRA: Stated for record—

GHALT: They know.

AMBRA: You're uncomfortable.

GHALT: Last time you admitted to wiping out an entire planet's population. Yeah, I'm uncomfortable.

AMBRA: It was Rendain who gave the order! My refusal to act on it would have meant nothing. Their vaporized blood is on his hands. Or fogging up his windows, perhaps. Anyway, the aren't all gone. There was one...

GHALT: You encountered a survivor?

AMBRA: After. Right after. She must have sneaked aboard the Meistar while we were near the surface, preparing for the ritual. Whatever her goal was at the time, she accidentally found herself in the safest place she could be. With the finest seats in the house, too.

GHALT: She saw her whole culture destroyed — at your hands.

AMBRA: It was—

GHALT: Rendain. Sure.

AMBRA: But we paid for his crime. This girl... I have never seen grief tempered by such a fearsome will. She nearly tore the ship apart as she came for us, drowned my Sister one after another. She surged over them like the ocean itself.

GHALT: You're here to talk about it.

AMBRA: I was on the bridge, watching this storm of a girl dismantle my entire retinue. Even though I knew I could defeat her. I was transfixed by the sight. By the time she reached me, I had made my decision: I offered her the ship, in exchange for my escape. Whatever her reasoning may have been, she accepted.

GHALT: And Rendain held you accountable for the loss of the ship.

AMBRA: The ship didn't matter to him, nor did the Sisters who died on it. He was revolted that I had surrendered. But he didn't see ser. She was a hellraiser, the like of which I had not seen since... long before.

GHALT: It almost sounds like you respect her.

AMBRA: I do. I even gave her a ribbon off my cloak.


Time Blurs in the Depths
Song of Emula
The Lifeguards Have Given Up

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